Country Art in Home Decor

The role of art in country decor is somewhat different than its role in many other styles of decoration. In most styles, art plays the part of accents, for instance. Country decor, however, is a style of simplicity. Art does not sit on the sidelines to the same degree as it does in most other styles. This is, of course, not to say that country decor lacks art. Quite to the contrary, in fact, there is a great abundance of country art. However, the art in country decor tends to be integrated into other elements, rather than standing on its own.

This gives the entire style a kind of coherence that adds a lot to the feeling it gives to people. For instance, when one sees a room decorated in a modern style, it is often a bit difficult to put your finger on exactly what style it is. Country decor, however, is recognizable at a glance. This is due in part to the fact that nearly everyone knows how to recognize the country art that is almost universally imbedded in the style. The common threads of the art are as simple as the style as a whole is. Much of the art takes inspiration from nature, even as it uses almost universally natural media.

For instance, the most popular forms of country art are wood crafts. Wood carvings are an art form that has been around since man picked up his first tools, and it has certainly stood up well to its age. Much of the wood carving used in country decor is as a part of a larger piece. For instance, a chair might have an intricate design carved out of the wood. Similarly, other wooden items are often embellished by the use of carvings. When wood carvings are used on their own, they are often actually simpler than when they are part of a larger unit. The artistic style usually used in the depiction of a given subject (most often an animal of some variety) is generally quite simple. Simplicity, however, gives it a sense of elegance and raw connection with nature.

Another medium often used in country art (specifically in the subset of rustic art) is metal work. This is most often done in aluminum or tin, and is almost always part of a functional unit. This sort of work is often done on lanterns and lighting fixtures. The complexity of the work varies greatly, from simple patterns to more complex things, such as wildlife scenes depicted in silhouette against the glow of the lighting fixtures.

Similarly functional is the most widely known style of country art, namely quilts. Quilts are, obviously, quite useful on a cold night to take off the chill, but a good country quilt is also the best thing to liven up a room. Even when not in use, the patterns and colors of a quilt can work wonders for a room’s decor, particularly when other elements of country art and decor are arranged to coordinate with the elements of the quilt.

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The 10 Christmas Decoration Tips You Must Know

Decorating for Christmas is one of the best things about the holidays. The twinkling of lights, the sight of a perfectly trimmed tree and a perfectly placed wreath adorning your front door are all gentle reminders of the joyous Christmas season.

When decorating your home, you want the décor to reflect your own personal style while keeping the Christmas tradition always present. A few tips can help make this holiday decorating season even brighter.

Christmas Decoration Tip #1: Lights Out

With each year that passes, Christmas lights tend to burn out at some point. Unless you have a strand that burns with the exception of the troublesome light, it can be a real headache to find the faulty bulb. Consider investing in a light tester, which will check each individual light and detect the one that needs replacing. These can be found with the Christmas supplies at most department stores.

Christmas Decoration Tip #2: Angels Nearby

Whenever possible, decorate your home with angels. They add a touch of peace and tranquility to your home and we all need to know that there are angels watching over us.

Christmas Decoration Tip #3: Be fruity

Prepare a fruit-filled clear glass bowl as a centerpiece for your dining room table. Nothing smells like Christmas as much as an orange or a nice fruit combination.

Decoration Tip #4: Add a personal touch

If you hang Christmas stockings, consider personalizing them with your name, your spouses name and those of your children. These days, even pets have stockings, so don’t forget to add Fido’s name on a stocking. You can easily personalize a traditional stocking using a glitter pen, preferably one that writes in silver or gold. A personalized stocking is a nice idea and a special added touch.

Christmas Decoration Tip #5: Pucker up

Decorate your home with poinsettia and mistletoe, which are both holiday traditions. A nice artificial poinsettia plant will always be beautiful and is easy to take care of – no water required. A mistletoe is always a nice touch and especially if you just need one more reason to smooch.

Christmas Decoration Tip #6: Working with wreaths

.Don’t forget to place a beautiful green wreath on the front door of your home. Make sure to add a red bow for a brightening touch! Artificial wreaths will last year after year, but real wreaths do have a wonderful scent. If you want to add wreath’s to the windows in your home, consider purchasing a magnetic wreath hanger. This type of hanger comes in two parts – one goes on the inside of your home and the piece with the hook will go on the outside. These hangers have been around for years, but they are steadily beginning to gain in popularity. The magnets are so strong that they can work through doors and windows, which is ideal for hanging wreaths on the outside of your home without the fuss of a traditional plastic wreath hanger, which drapes across the top of your door.

Christmas Decoration Tip #7: A perfect fit

When choosing a Christmas tree, make sure to measure the preferred location from side to side and from floor to roof. You will want to make sure that perfect tree fits when you bring it home. Artificial trees are easy care, but a real tree requires plenty of water.

Christmas Decoration Tip #8: It’s all about tradition

It’s nice to start a family tradition by decorating your tree on a certain day each year. Perhaps after Thanksgiving dinner, the whole family can spend the evening dressing their home for Santa.

Christmas Decoration Tip #9: Shop smart

Make sure that all electric decorations are UL listed to ensure that they have been tested for quality and safety. Don’t forget to unplug everything before you leave home or go to bed at night.

Christmas Decoration Tip #10: Say Cheese

Always remember to have plenty of film and batteries for the camera. Now that you have the perfect decorations, don’t forget to capture them on film.

3 Events Decorations Ideas That Can Add Positive Drama to Any Event

Everybody loves a trending and stylish décor which praises of your artistic taste. And if you are in event decoration, you need to utilize all of your innovative ideas to make the event successful. There aren’t any specific rules or regulations that state, you have to use specific objects or procedure to decorate the venue. To add drama to a place for any occasion, what you need are few tricks, your rule-breaking intuition and definitely, some information on events decorations ideas.

Check out that information here to transform any venue into something inspiring.

Events decorations ideas that can add drama to any event

One of the foremost things that you need to look before decorating the place with innovative ideas is the functional layout of every room. As different rooms have different designs, decorative ideas will not be similar. To highlight the room and bring out the effect, it is very important that you have the accurate room and furniture measurement. Depending on your lifestyle and the amount which you can shell out, you can choose your decorative objects.

Here you go with the ideas -

1. Decorative objects

There may be times when people may want you to decorate their place with bling items but also highlight on the classy side. Being providers, you cannot say no to them. To achieve that classy look, you can use any intricately designed copper, or iron objects. You can also use obsidian or nickel finished candelabras, or copper votive stands.

For the bling element, you can use intricately patterned bowls and platters in glass or crystals. Apart from these, you can use it for keeping decorative plants or use a glass bowl for holding a floating lotus. You can keep these platters in your living room over your coffee table. For a dramatic effect in your corridor, you can also hang glass votives and seasonal flowers with stalks and leaves.

There is no harm in buying affordable home decor items unless you know how to utilize it. A majority of interior designers believe that what pleases your heart more than your eyes is definitely a keeper. And these can definitely be the eye treats of your clients.

2. Mixing and matching of colors

Home decor ideas and decoration ideas for any event are completely different. When people stylize their home, they look for the comfortability factor. But in the case of events like housewarming parties or success parties or even a normal get together, people ask for decors that are eye catchy and sophisticated. As it is impossible to change the wall colors in your client’s place, you can incorporate decorative items that have a stark color difference. For instance, a complete black figurine over a golden pedestal can be an instant eye-grabber.

3. Creating vignettes

For a classy effect, you can group objects or furniture (which is called vignettes). You can add a candle in a crystal glass and place those at tables at the corners. In fact, you can transform the regular candelabra to flower holders. When creating vignettes, you should always remember the secret mantra of home decoration: don’t over-cluster. If you remember this, most of your decorative work is done.

Aren’t these events decorations ideas great? These are the latest ideas which you can use to decorate any venue. At a highly affordable price, you can get these items from notable wholesale décor item sellers online.